Curriculum Design Backward Design Critical Thinking

I enjoy designing classes, courses, and learning. I enjoy developing a curriculum that has the end in mind (vision, goal, ect) and then adding in all the pieces that are going to get us (the class) there. I have always thought of assignments with the end in mind. Backward Design has been my method of creating assignments and developing PD’s since I’ve had the privilege to lead others in their learning.For the past couple of months I have been working and developing with my co-worker and true “partner in crime” on a course that allows our teachers (Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools) to get a full breadth of learning 21st Century Learning Skills, without burdening them, and giving them many opportunities to attend. Understand that we have this grand plan of how to help teachers and still NOT over burden them. There area  few “ends” in mind as we developed this overarching course. It is not by accident, but by design that this course is helps any teacher where they are at. You see Jake Standish and I care a lot about what we do. We plan, we think critically, we research, we explore, we even fight and argue! (This week there was quite an argument that broke out in the Studio we film and plan in. I believe Jake won, but in the end let me tell you Jake does NOT like a bulleted list with only one bullet!)
The point is we put our blood, sweet, tears, and reputation behind everything we do. We take risks and try new things. The reason we are able to do this? Because we have an end goal in mind. We KNOW where we want to go, we know what the final product is that we want, and then we start to design to get to it. We’ve done a lot of the hard work (critical thinking) and then we are able to piece it together. The outcome? Usually a well crafted presentation, PD, course, and vision.

Start with the end in mind requires you to know what you want…

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1 Response to Curriculum Design Backward Design Critical Thinking

  1. edtechstandish says:

    Having worked with you for nearly a year, I can attest your backward design processing skills are top notch. We rarely have a conversation on development where you haven’t already determined an end goal. On another topic: it isn’t difficult to place a bullet in Posterous! ; >

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