Simplify Your Life Even With An iPhone

I’m connected. I’m wired. I’m plugged in. I’ve got more ways to contact me than needed (Multiple Emails, Multiple Phones, Google Voice, Multiple iOS devices, ect.). And yet I STRIVE to make my life simplified. Is it Possible? Yes! But you have to make conscious choices, especially if you own an iPhone.
If you look up the word simplified this is what you find:
To make simple or simpler, as:
a. To reduce in complexity or extent.
b. To reduce to fundamental parts.
c. To make easier to understand. (source:
The Simplified Life than would be one that is made simpler, reduced in complexity, and my favorite concept here would be to reduce ones life down to its fundamental parts. Is this possible while “plugged in” 24/7? By far no it is not. If I simplify my life down to its FUNDAMENTAL PARTS it is not these “things” that surround me, but the PEOPLE that surround me. I wrote about the concept of People Over Production in a previous post ( In this thought I want to share one of the best ways to simplify your life with an iPhone. Truly silence your phone.
The best way to simplify your life and focus on its fundamental parts when you have an iPhone is to truly silence your iPhone. Notice I say TRULY silence your iPhone. You see, in the past, I have turned the ringer off, and I have turned the volume down, but the iPhone has this unique ability to call to you anyway. It calls you in the silence with a BUZZ sound. It buzzes on the counter, it buzzes next to me while I sleep, it buzzes in the middle of presentations, and it grabs my attention away from the Simplified Life. What is this “buzz”? It is called VIBRATE.
When the iPhone vibrates it pulls me out of the moment I am! It tries to takes control of my actions (and used to win). In the second of a Buzz (Vibrate) thoughts rush through my head: Who is it that just wanted to get hold of me? Was it a call? Was it a text? Was it a SMS from another app? Was it a HeyTell from cousin in Germany? Was that my name mentioned on Twitter? Why did my phone Vibrate? A simple “glance” at my phone will tell me. 

All the while I was doing something else prior to this vibration, this buzz. I look around me and I see a world of people that are doing the same. They are in the middle of conversations, and they reach into their pockets. They are at meetings and a buzz sound is made. This is NOT a simplified life. This is NOT a “productive” life either. It is a distracted life, with little focus, and even less true accomplishment. Oh I know people will argue that they are getting things done (when they reach for that buzz, that vibrating phone), but I ask to what extent? and to what sacrifice? are they “getting things done.” 

I’m a strong proponent of the Sabbath Manifesto ( Been involved with this movement for sometime (I first bookmarked it in Diigo in March of 2010). Participate weekly, and of course yearly at the national day of unplug. I have taken and tried to ingrain the concepts a little further in my life. Technology should not dictate to me when I will answer its call. There is a time and place for everything (, We (Instructional Tech, Education Tech) need  to model and teach our Administrators, Teachers, and Students how to handle technology appropriately. We are the masters of technology. We still have the ability to choose and focus on the FUNDAMENTAL PARTS of our life, and not let technology master us. 

Here is how to TRULY SILENCE YOUR iPHONE. Turn vibrate off too. That means if the sound is off, and the vibrate is off, your iPhone will not make one single sound. I have been living this way for about 3 months, and it has been GREAT! All the power of the iPhone, and I am the master of it, it is not the master of me. To do this touch “Settings”, then touch “Sounds”, and then make two more choices: Silent-Vibrate switch to OFF, and further down switch the other Vibrate to OFF. (Pictures attached.) 

Simplify your life! Trust me, your life will thank you for it…



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  1. Tim, Thanks so much for your on-going support of the Sabbath Manifesto! To help you unplug, we also have the Sabbath Manifesto App that alerts your friends and fans through Facebook and Twitter that you are going off-line. Check it out at

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