in the classroom: Create Collaborate Organize w/ Students & Music

Students are into music. Most teachers are into music too. There are a couple music web tools I share with teachers to help them teach. Pandora and Rhapsody are the two main tools I share with teachers. They booth meet a little different need, relatively cheap, and they are assessable in my district.  The problem is these are primarily consumption tools. We use these tools to listening to music for classroom management, to set a mood into the classroom for study or excitement. Now imagine using artists music (new and old) as a way to create not just consume.

I came across Playlist this week. At first glance its like all  “the rest” of the web music apps (because now there is more than Pandora and Rhapsody out there). What do these music apps have in common? You pick your music, and let it play (up to two hundred songs per playlist for Playlist). But upon further look, there is a whole lot more to Playlist that the others are no where near yet. In my opinion Playlist is the epitome for music in connection to 21st Century Learning Triad: Create, Collaborate, Organize.
The coolest aspect of Playlist is the embed code. You can take ANY PLAYLIST you create and embed it into your website (blog, wiki, google site, ect.). Think about the learning potential here in ANY subject! If I want students to listen to and compare Jazz Female Singers. I create a playlist in Playlist, and then embed that list in my website. Students then can listen to what I want them to and discuss. If you are discussing a time period with your students incorporate the music from that era, easily with Playlist. As your students study a time period, find the music on Playlist, and share the playlist. Students can become immersed in the time and hear what things were like.

The embed and sharing is powerful. You can tweet, facebook, and social media your playlist like crazy. But there is more.

Group Playlist. Students and teachers together can create shared lists. Ask students to have a hand in the music they will hear while taking a test, or reading silently. Involving students in the climate of the class through music. Every student can have a say in the musical surroundings. Take this opportunity to have students discuss why they choose that song and how they feel it fits the playlist you are trying to create. Using the gmail resource Jake Standish and I discussed in July’s itWeekly 118 ( you can create accounts you control that students use to facilitate collaboration.

Create Playlist
Collaborate on Playlist
Playlists themselves are organized content.

Share your ideas of how you plan to use Playlist as a way to incorporate 21st Century Learning Skills in your classroom? What lessons come to your mind for students when you are able to hand them the music via the web to interact with?

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1 Response to in the classroom: Create Collaborate Organize w/ Students & Music

  1. bethsyrmls says:

    Love this! Being in the Media Center, am thinking about playing music during book check out to help create a calm atmosphere to facilitate quiet book selection and silent reading. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to also work with my teachers to integrate your ideas on creating playlists that correlate to what they are studying. They’ll love this!

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