Ideas, Perseverance, And Vision

I have a passion (like many Apple folk) for the words and life of Steve Jobs, I’ve written about it here how Steve Jobs’ vision helped me succeed. Recently @scottbelsky wrote an article about “Vision Without Obstruction: What We Learn From Steve Jobs”. This blog post is an outflow from that article.

Ideas, Perseverance, and Vision
After reading the article I have become even more enthralled with the attributes that Steve Jobs exhibits that I wish to incorporate into my life as an Instructional Technology leader. Ideas, perseverance, and vision are central to who Steve Jobs is. I find myself drawn to people who exhibit these attributes in their life, because I want to exhibit them. I believe education needs people who are developing new ideas, and pushing them through to the point of their conception and completion, and education badly needs vision!

What Status Quo?
Steve Jobs choosing not to do things the way others have wasn’t to just be different, but it was to stay true to his ideas, perseverance, and vision. I feel that when we go against the status quo it is because we have a strong backing and understanding of our idea and vision. This is something we need desperately in education. Such a strong understanding of the vision for education and technology that when the status quo is threatened its because the vision clearly states the course of action needs to be unique to educate our students.

Often times we are missing this aspect of Perseverance the most in the area of education and instructional technology. Instructional Technology is rapidly changing because information is vast and fast via the web. The challenge in today’s educational technology landscape is to persevere over the obstacles that are coming down the road of success. Many of these obstacles are people saying “give it up” to the ideas you know are going to challenge the status quo. But you know those ideas are the most powerful. Steve Jobs didn’t allow these people to derail him from the visions he knew would radically change the way we live our lives, and we shouldn’t allow people to stop us from bringing our radical instructional ideas to the classroom.

We all have our demons that we fight against: doubt, failure, impulse, expectations. They are no different for Steve Jobs and no different for anyone willing to take a risk and enter the world of Instructional Technology. The statement stated in this article that sticks out the most to me, and worth remembering when those demons enter our head, heart, and dreams:

“Nothing To Lose In Staying True To What You Envision”

In a time when we need more creative educators get your visions, create the ideas, and persevere.

Note: This post was part of an exercise to read an article and respond to it with a co-worker. I have not read his response yet, but his is here: A Call For Clarity by @edtechstandish.

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