A Year In Review (Part 1): Webtools

Today marks a the beginning of a new year at my job. Its been a year since I’ve taken the position of Instructional Technology Specialist and it is a time to take a step back and reflect what has happened in a year. There are many things I have experienced over the past year so this is Part 1, of a series “A Year In Review.”A Year in Review: Webtools

Through the collaboration of my co-worker and friend Jacob Standish its been an encouraging year of some new webtools that have influenced our district protocol. Here are few a of the tools we have “pushed.”

Yammer – It may seem small but it isn’t. It is huge. I wrote earlier about it here. With this Social Media program an entire shift of thought has taken place with many of our teachers. No longer do they feel there is no one to talk to or connect with, Yammer makes our big district feel small.

CMSWiki – Although Wikispaces has been in our district for a few years it took a big leap in the past year. It went from a side project to a major one. Our district does not allow many outside websites, and we needed something to help our teachers have a web presence.

Moodle Online PD – Professional Development in a district as big as ours is “difficult”. Moodle gives us an opportunity to pull them all together. Professional Development has focused heavily on IWB’s in previous years, and we have tried to bring an excitement and energy to other 21st Century Skills and Tools. Not my favorite tool, but can be useful to help PD.

Twitter – Twitter has been around for a while and we are trying to help our teachers be a positive force in directing them how to use their Professional Twitter Life. We can either be agents for good change, or we can be negative. Our desire has been to use Social Media Tools for the betterment of our district and staff. We try to connect our teachers together on Twitter, and learn together.

Edmodo – This has been a great tool to for students and teachers to connect and learn in a fun and new way. It has been great to hear all the excitement around learning through such a tool as Edmodo.

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