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Simplify Your Life Even With An iPhone

I’m connected. I’m wired. I’m plugged in. I’ve got more ways to contact me than needed (Multiple Emails, Multiple Phones, Google Voice, Multiple iOS devices, ect.). And yet I STRIVE to make my life simplified. Is it Possible? Yes! But … Continue reading

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Some fun Tips on use of email itWeekly 118 #edtech #vodcast #cmsk12

via instructionaltechnologyweekly.cmswiki.wikispaces.net This week Jake and I explore email applications and tips that help us regain control. Aspects of digital citizenship and productivity are explored. Email is something we all still use and most of us HAVE TOO. It is … Continue reading

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Learning: Engage and Empower – National Educational Technology Plan 2010 – Executive Summary Part 2

Learning: Engage and Empower Key Statements: “Outside school, students are free to pursue their passions in their own way and at their own pace.” (p.x) “Technology should be leveraged to provide access to more learning resources that are available in classrooms…” and make larger … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship – Part I

I have also been handed the spear head of Digital Citizenship for schools. We are begining to develope a use of resources that helps us teach Digital Citizenship to administrators, teachers, and students. Of course the hard part is getting … Continue reading

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